Divine Guidance-Part 6

Posted By on Monday, June 13, 2016

(7) Acts 16:9-10 – Visions, whether as revelation for ministry, 1 Sam. 3:1; Prov. 29:18; Lam. 2:9; 1 Sam. 3:21; or for personal revelation, Gen. 15:1-21(8) Matt. 1:20 – Dreams, whether to an ungodly person to preserve a people, Gen. 41:1-57, 45:7-8; or to a godly man to warn of danger, Matt. 2:12-13, 22

2. What may be inferred from the fact that there is only a bare New Testament mention of dreams in Acts 2:17?(1) Since dreams are mentioned among the results of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, it suggests that there is some place for them in the New Testament economy(2) The fact that there is only one bare mention of dreams, suggests that they should be regarded as an inferior means of divine communication

3. Which means of guidance predominate in the Word?(1) The written word of God with all of its principles and precepts(2) The Spirit of God in the various forms of his leading(3) Divine providence exercised in the circumstances of our lives