Posted By on Thursday, August 04, 2016

The nucleus of a strong New Testament church that produces life changers are people who are rooted in strong discipleship and are in pursuit of spiritual maturity. The American church is returning to discipleship and the process of maturing, as many are weary of the lack of transforming power needed to see growth and change.

This change is requiring a new level of consecration to the Holy Spirit doing a renewing work in our lives. This consecration will yield a "word from God" that will break open the carnal nature and allow the NEW CREATION REALITY to come into view and our hope comes alive in seeing that we can access NEW LIFE in CHRIST! This has nothing to do with religious activity and church programs - but everything to do with making Jesus really Lord our daily (hourly) life!

A revival is coming in our nation (through the body of Christ) and our understanding and participation in this revival will be related to our hunger and desire in pursuing spiritual things (Colossians 3:1, Song of Solomon 1:4).

This is a great time!