An Eye For The Spirit-Part 8

Posted By on Wednesday, January 25, 2017

In 1951, the Lord dealt with me about traveling for Him. In fact, the Lord spoke to me in a voice that I heard. Now I can tell you what happened. It shows you the marvelous ways of the Spirit.

In the School, I had charge of a tremendous move of the Holy Spirit. On Friday night, I made a mistake, and by my mistake, I killed the meeting. I killed it, a tremendous move of God. I killed it dead. I did not mean to, but made a mistake. I knew the meeting was dead and could not be saved, so I dismissed the students.

During the night, at 2:30 a.m., I had a marvelous experience. I was awakened by a man singing in my room, in our bedroom. Wife slept over there by the wall. I was over here. She never knew a thing about it. I was awakened by a man singing in the room. As I woke up startled, I looked and there stood the Lord by the window (inside though), full size, dressed in white down to the foot, down to the floor, a white garment, looking my way; and He kept singing. He sang two stanzas of a song I never heard before nor since. The first stanza had to do with sin and forgiveness. The second stanza had to do with grace and glory.

When He finished the second stanza, He suddenly was gone. That was just as real when I looked at Him as when I look at you people. I was thrilled, and was so conscience of His presence. It was 2:30 in the morning. I got up and sat before the Lord for several hours. Then I noticed something was wrong. I could give you details, but do not want to take the time. So I said, “Lord, is there anything wrong?

At once, in front of me stood words that said, “The error of Uzzah.” You remember Uzzah in the Old Testament, the man who touched the ark by mistake and was killed. The Lord let me know, “You touched the ark and death in the meeting was the result.” That is to say, the meeting died. There was no moving of the Spirit at all.