An Eye For The Spirit-Part 5

Posted By on Sunday, January 22, 2017

I was up there sipping a soda, and as I did, I noticed a plane coming in: a DC 6, women and children only. It’s the only passengers that were on; not one man. I thought, “That’s strange.” Five minutes later, another DC 6 plane came in: women and children only. Five minutes later, another DC 6 came in: woman and children only. I still remember a little girl dragging her dolly by one arm. They all had bundles. I said to myself, “Something is wrong somewhere.”

So I went down to the information desk and said, “Lady, could you tell me something. What’s the idea of three DC 6’s coming in with woman and children only? Where are the men?” She said, “Haven’t you heard?” I said, “No, heard what?” She said, “There is a revolution in the Congo.” I said, “Oh! Where is the revolution?” She said, “Way beyond Stanleyville in the interior.” And she mentioned the very city where we were supposed to have the seminar.

Now God saved me from being caught in that revolution. And you doubtless know while many got out, many never did. They were thrown into the river; and to the crocodiles: missionaries, whites, Frenchmen and what have you. The Lord had saved me from being caught in the beginning of that revolution that was so terrible. It necessitated an eye for the Spirit, a song in here (stomach area), and I recognized the Spirit of God was talking.

Friends, if we will develop a sensitivity to the Spirit, an eye for the Spirit, there is no telling what God can do for us as a result.

Just one more instance that comes to my mind: Mrs. Beuttler and I were in Singapore a couple of years ago. She wanted to do a little shopping in a Chinese department store at what they call Rattles Place. Some of you have been there, of course. So she went shopping, and I followed behind her. I remember saying, “You just go around the store, and I’ll walk behind you.” I had nothing to do, but to be with her.