An Eye For The Spirit-Part 4

Posted By on Saturday, January 21, 2017

I discovered a chorus in my spirit. I do not know whether you have it here in Australia. (Is this Australia? No, not yet; it’s on my schedule later.) I noticed the song in here, “Not what I wish to be, nor where I wish to go, for who am I that I should choose my way.” Do you have that song here? Now I’m not a singer, you recognize that right away, but the song is in here. That went over and over. Finally, it dawned on me and I said to myself, “Hey Beuttler, the Spirit is speaking to you.”

Let me tell you something here. Very, very often the Spirit of God has something to say through a chorus. You watch that. It’s a wonderful life in the Spirit, but we have to be sensitive to it. And there was that chorus, over and over. “Beuttler, the Lord’s talking to you.”

I thought, “What could that be with that chorus going over and over?” so I said, “Lord, I’m not going where I want to go. You asked me to go and teach all nations, and Africa and Australia are all part of it. What’s wrong? Is there anything wrong with the itinerary?

No sooner had I said that, there stood in my conscientiousness one word, “The Congo.”

I said, “Lord, what’s wrong with the Congo. Why shouldn’t I go there?” I recognized I wasn’t supposed to go to the Congo. I said, “Lord, I have a nice invitation, and a good week of ministry with the national pastors.” But the song kept singing, and I realized God did not want me to go to the Congo. I had an eye for the Spirit, an interest, an openness, a responsiveness that saved me. So I wrote and told them I was not coming. They wrote back and said, “We’re very, very sorry, very disappointed.”

I couldn’t help that. But now I had an open week, so I left it open. It was too late to fill it up. I thought, “Somewhere on route, I’ll stop and have a vacation.” You need that too sometime, you know. So I stopped in Kano, Nigeria. I had a hotel there, and it was furiously hot. It’s just south of the Sahara, and the wind came down. It was dreadfully hot, so I thought, “I’ll go out to the airport and go upstairs. Maybe I’ll catch a little breeze.”