An Eye For The Spirit-Part 3

Posted By on Friday, January 20, 2017

We miss many things along this line. You’ll have to pardon me when I go back to school, because I spent 32 years there and you draw from your experiences, of course. There had been many an occasion when having an eye for the Spirit saved the class, or saved a chapel service.

One year at school, before class, I was going to stop in somebody’s house and borrow a tool. As I walked up the hill, I suddenly had a little presence in here (stomach area), a little signal. I knew what the signal meant: do not do it.

So I went right back to school, and during that first hour class, we had a real outpouring of the Spirit. I’m confident we would have missed it if I had not been sensitive to the check of the Spirit of God. These things are so far reaching; it would be difficult for me to take you in all sorts of avenues where this thing operates.

One year I was going to Africa; then over to Australia; to Perth; etc. I had a schedule. I had meetings lined up in the Congo. I was very glad to go to the Congo, as I had never been there. The Congo had always fascinated me, and here I had the opportunity to go way back into the interior for a seminar with the national pastors.

Well, the day approached. Everything was set: ticket, everything fixed. It was a very short time before leaving. I try to be sensitive to the Spirit – I think I am. I discovered a song of the Spirit in here (stomach area). Now as I tell you these things, you watch because you will learn. Or putting it differently: when you see how the Spirit of God works in other people, very often that’s the way He works in you. Many times you didn’t recognize Him and people say, “Now I know what that was.” This is my style, or method.