An Eye For The Spirit-Part 2

Posted By on Thursday, January 19, 2017

This boy finished his message, and then he said, “Let’s stand and be dismissed.” Well, I try to have an eye for the Spirit, and I knew in my spirit, the service was not to be dismissed. Yet he prayed and dismissed the chapel and said, “Now, shall we go to our classes?

It was up to me to take the lead in getting off the platform, and I didn’t take the lead. I just stood there. I had my hand raised, my eyes closed. I said to the Lord in my heart, “Lord, if everyone walks out on You, I want You to know that I will not walk out. I will stay behind with You.”

I stood there, and everybody expected me to start leaving the chapel and I wouldn’t do it. I could hear our some 200 students turn around facing the center isle getting ready to follow behind, and I kept standing, eyes closed. I stood and stood, kept my mind, my eyes so to speak, on the Spirit to see what He would have me do.

I felt I should simply keep standing. I knew that 400 eyes were watching me wondering why Beuttler is not making a move. This is an uncomfortable feeling, but one of the things you have to bear. I kept standing, I do not know how long, but it was not very long, though to me, it seemed an eternity.

Later on, the students said to me, “Brother Beuttler, when we saw you stand like that, we knew something was up, but didn’t know what.” Well, I kept standing, and all of a sudden, the power of God struck that student body and poured out His Spirit. We were in that chapel for three solid hours until the noon hour. God gave us a mighty move of the Spirit of God. We almost missed it. It was a case of having an eye for the Spirit.