An Eye For The Spirit-Part 19

Posted By on Sunday, February 05, 2017

I thought she was ready to go off again. I let her talk a little bit and then I said, “Do you know that the Lord wants to bless you even more?” “Oh, He wants to bless me more! If He wants to bless me more, I don’t see how I can stand it.” I said, “Suppose I help you stand it. I want to tell you a story.”

Once upon a time, I was a boy. (Wife said the other day, “You know, there’s still a boy in you.” I like to have a little fun sometime. And I said to her, “When there’s no longer a little boy in me, then it’s time for you to worry.”) Anyway, when I was a little boy in Germany, I liked mechanics. My Father bought me a little steam engine with a water pump and some other machinery for Christmas. You put water in it, put fire under it and the engine would drive the machinery from the hot water. It had a whistle, and you know how boys are: they love noise.

When you see somebody with a car with a muffler that makes a lot of noise, you know there’s still a boy driving that car even though the boy is 60 years old. They like noise – the adolescence in them, you understand that. I was a boy and liked the noise. I liked the whistle the best. I turned it up this loud: Whee ee ee ee ee ee ee! until it used up all the steam, and the machinery would stop working. There was no more steam left. It blew it all off. One day my Father said to me, “Son, if you would leave that whistle alone, you’d have enough power to drive the machinery.”