An Eye For The Spirit-Part 18

Posted By on Saturday, February 04, 2017

So I went over to her and said, “Look here, take your handkerchief out and let the Spirit have His way,” and she gave a beautiful utterance in tongues. We can stifle the Spirit.

We had another case in school. There was a girl, and she was a little problem in this area. A good kid, but ignorant. She would scream. She went: Oooooooooooh! Louder than that! Oh, it chilled your ears, went down your spine. She screamed. Well, she sat over there, and I did not want to be harsh with her. You can take something and hit people over the head, but then to get them started again is something else. I let it go and waited until she got done. She held the class up 5 minutes or so with her screaming. Well, finally she ran out of steam and that took care of it.

A few classes later, she went screaming. Oh did she scream! I could tell the students wondered why I didn’t do anything. Well, the girl was new. I was sure she was sincere. She needed help, so I let it go again. When she did it a third time, I thought, “Now this can’t go on.” So I talked to her, “Would you mind coming to my office sometime? I’d like to have a little chat with you.” She said, “Oh yes Brother Beuttler. When would you like to see me?” So we made a date.

She came in and sat in the corner. I pulled up a chair. I like to look people in the eye, then you can look right down on the inside. I knew I had to treat her carefully because she was sensitive, a certain nationality, and I knew she would be very sensitive to any criticism. So I said, “My, the Lord has been blessing you of late, hasn’t He?” She answered, “Oh hallelujah! Brother, yes, so wonderful!