An Eye For The Spirit-Part 12

Posted By on Sunday, January 29, 2017

Have you ever heard people say, “That preacher? He was talking about me. Why doesn’t he have the courage and talk to me directly if he has something to say?” I have been accused countless times of having been informed. “Who told Beuttler about me? Oh I know: He’s staying in Sister ‘So and So’s house, and she told him all about the church. No wonder he knows so much about us.”

The fact is, I do not like to stay in anybody’s house at any time. When I’m in meetings, I do not accept social visits. I like to stay where I belong. That way, I hear nothing; I learn nothing. Nobody can fill my ear except the Lord. Then when you touch things that are present, people can’t say, “Well, he has been informed.” The Spirit of God knows.

I remember speaking in the States. I had never been to this church before; I did not know the pastor; I came right from the train to the platform. The service had already begun. After the service a lady walked up. How shall I describe her? Well, she had big fists, and she had her fists on her hips, and came right up the center isle swinging her torso belligerently. She says, “Preacher, I have a question.”

I could tell her belligerence. I said, “Well, what’s the problem?

She said, “You’re the problem. Listen preacher, you were talking about me for a whole hour and a quarter.” I said, “I was not talking about you, not to my knowledge.” She said, “Are preachers telling lies too? Listen young feller, you weren’t only talking about me for a whole hour and a quarter, but when you said such and such a thing, you were even pointing your finger at me. And you say that nobody told you. Somebody told you all about me.”